Too Many Godz perform at Black River Barn in Randolph, NJ

Too Many Godz perform at Black River Barn in Randolph, NJ

Never have I seen a cover band move a room like this. The guys of Too Many Godz know how to start a party.

There were people dancing to my left, people dancing to my right, people dancing on the bar, and people dancing on the band’s stage. The scene at Black River Barn on Saturday night, where Too Many Godz covered songs like All the Small Things by Blink 182 and What’s Up by 4 Non Blondes, was insane.

Vocalist Mike Rega puts on a show. His expressions and body language really capture the mood of a song, and I never knew what he was going to do next. In fact, I never knew what any band member was going to do next – I walked on stage for a quick photograph and before I knew it, guitarist Steve Esposito┬ájumped on top of the bar to play guitar:

Steve Kleinberg of Too Many Godz jumps on top of the bar to perform

Steve Esposito of Too Many Godz jumps on top of the bar to perform

To Steve’s left is a fan who jumped up on the bar as well and played air guitar with him. The people in the crowd could not contain themselves, and the band and the crowd completely fed off each other’s energy.

The diversity of covers was excellent. Too Many Godz were so named, in fact, because, “We play all the Godz of Rock and Roll. There is no particular genre for the band.” And while they do play a variety of music, what won me over was their fantastic renditions of 90s pop and alternative rock.

Forget the work week, leave your worries in the car, and check your inhibitions at the door. When you watch Too Many Godz perform, you forget about everything except the moment and the music.

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  1. Dawn Hamm says:

    Too Many Godz are fabulous! I saw them for the first time right before Christmas and haven’t missed a show since! Their set list never disappoints, and a good time is ALWAYS had by all. Only one complaint – which I’m sure everyone will agree on… The night flies by way too fast when rockin’ out with these guys!!!

    • Rebecca says:

      Hey Dawn, absolutely! I’m pretty sure I talked you at the show. You hit it right on – their set lists do not disappoint!

      • Dawn Hamm says:

        Hi – yes I was the blond with the white tank top on… I was standing right behind you when you were taking pics of the singer… I asked you for your card. Is there any way to see the rest of the pics you took? You should come see them again (this wknd at Rattle Snake in Denville) they’re SOOO much fun!

  2. Lorraine Baran says:

    Too Many Godz is the best rocking band in New Jersey without a doubt! I follow them everywhere! Not only are they a great band, but each member is truly unique and personable! They are genuine when they thank my friends and me for joining them. It’s an honor to know them, to see them, and to gather the gang for a great night out!! Mike never lets me down and always plays my song – WHAT’S GOING ON, and I thank him for that!!! THEY ROCK!!!!!

    • Rebecca says:

      Lorraine, that is one of my favorite songs of all time. When I saw it on the setlist I was so excited! And you are right – they are super friendly and down to earth and enjoy talking to people.